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The “Osteria” not only attaches great importance to professional and imaginatively prepared dishes, its great ambition is above all the care of their wines, of which 350 different varieties are always available. It goes without saying that only quality wines are served. No fewer than 10,000 bottles are stored in the cellar; they come from the most important Mediterranean wine regions. In earlier years, wines were delivered in barrels or large carboys and then bottled in the cellar work room. Among them are true rarities and unique treasures!

An in-house bottle washing machine was available, great importance was attached to upkeep not only in the kitchen but also in the cellar. The “Osteria” has always felt obliged to do this, and it owes this to its reputation. Today, by the way, we no longer bottle our wines in the cellar; all wines are delivered in bottles.

Even though almost all wine-growing regions from which the “Osteria” is supplied are located in Italy, there is one exception. A certain contingent comes from the Palatinate, namely from the winery of Peter Stolleis. The vintner from Neustadt an der Weinstraße is living proof of how close the relationship between Bavaria and the Palatinate can be. The Stolleis family owns the building in Schellingstraße, on the ground floor of which the “Osteria” resides.

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